“I want to thank you and congratulate you on the beautiful stained glass work that you created for our new chapel. I speak not only for myself, but also, for the rest of the staff and community. Many people continue to comment on the windows’ extraordinary and simple beauty.”    Rev. Leslie M. Sieg, C.S.P.

“Our congregation commissioned Mark to design and make stained glass windows for our church building. The results of his work are beautiful to behold, and our members are delighted and pleased with his efforts.”   Rev. Wm. C. Grafe

“This sculpture of the Risen Christ is one of the most beautiful examples of modern religious art that I have seen.”
John Cardinal O’Connor

“I want commend you on the fine work that you have accomplished in two projects in the Diocese of Grand Rapids. Both the stained glass work at the St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel and at the Catholic Information Center are superb examples of contemporary art in a worship setting. At the same time, I want to thank you for the time and care with which you helped each community envision what could be possible.”    Rev. Thomas G. Simons, Director for Worship


Habatat Galleries, the premier gallery for contemporary glass art, and home of the International Glass Invitational exhibition for 36 years

Michigan Glass Month, now in its 28th year, is a statewide collaborative cultural event that attracts collectors, curators, artists, and visitors from all over the world

An excellent source of glassworking instruction, supplies, and fun

More about the work of Andrew R. Maglia

More about the sculpture of Corrado Parducci


Wonderful and widely varied music by multi-instrumentalist and composer Jacob Venndt

Excellent graphic design work, concept to print or web, Jerad MacLean

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